Monthly Archives: August 2013

Welcome to our Mapping Project!

The Trojan War by Graham Lowden & Dan Walker

Battle of Issus by Katie Marse & Aliya Summers

Battle of Gaugamela by Samantha Jacobi & Nick Yielding

Battle of Gaugamela by Ethan Soefje & Erik Enderlein (make sure to move the timeline forward!)

Battle of Hydaspes by Mike Molway & Reed England

Battle of Asculum by Izzy Buchholz & John D’Angelo

Second Punic War by Skyler Dong & Cameron Dieter

Battle of Cannae by Ellen Moses & Matthew Schlicksup

Battle of Cannae by Carol Dooley & Anthony Cornell

Battle of Cannae by Mark Conway & Jonathan Chamberlin

Battle of Zama by Christine Day & Matt Cessine

Boudica’s Uprising by John Glennan & Ike Makos